MovieStarPlanet is one of the fastest growing online games and communities for tweens in the world.

Attracted by a world of fame, creativity, self-expression and friendship, children are offered a unique and unrivalled social entertainment universe.

Launched in 2009, MovieStarPlanet is a movie-themed online game and social network primarily aimed at Tweens aged 8-15 years. On the site, children participate in a virtual world with their own personalised movie star and explore a world of movies, fashion, fame and fun. They can create their own animated movies, dress up and show off their looks, go shopping in the mall, play games together or maybe just hang out and chat and meet new friends.

A world of movies

Players can share their movies, ArtBooks and looks with each other, share them with the world, as well as review and explore lots of user-created content. At MovieStarPlanet, players are rewarded with virtual Fame and StarCoins as they rise to stardom, providing them with new possibilities in the game as they reach new star levels.

Social network for tweens

On MovieStarPlanet, users can connect and communicate with each other in a safe and fun way. Before using these functions, age and email confirmation is required. Afterwards, players are only limited by their imaginations. Players can find and connect with friends, talk in a variety of chat rooms, send personal mails, use their friends' movies stars in their own movies and much more.

Free to play

MovieStarPlanet is based on the free-to-play, or freemium model, where all new players can go straight into the game without paying anything. It is never a requirement to pay at MovieStarPlanet, but users can choose to upgrade to a VIP membership and gain access to extended features.

We believe this model offers the best choice for players as everyone can get straight to the game for free, and dedicated players can pay a reasonable price (from weekly to annual subscriptions) to access the entire range of possibilities in the game.